We have in-depth knowledge and experience in carrying out due diligence for potential transactions. This covers legal, financial, operational, corporate Governance, Management, Environmental, HR, Market, products, regulatory, customers, Tax, and Business Model.

The objective is to ensure that the buyer gets value for their money and any underlying issues are clearly understood and factored in the purchase price. We ascertain all the information and documentation provided including financial, tax, legal, operational and regulatory. We confidentially speak to auditors, customer, suppliers, and regulators to get their independent opinions.

Due Diligence at a Glance

  • Financial DD checking all auditing and management accounts
  • Legal DD to check for all liabilities and estimate costs
  • Regulatory DD to ensure compliance with the regulators
  • Operational DD to check the authenticity of operations behind the numbers

Due Diligence Gives Assurance

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Regulatory
  • Operational